We use our experience and commercial relationships to work collaboratively with our customers to develop solutions for their needs.

Services We Offer

As a broker of physical commodities, Ocean Solutions Energy believes that each transaction requires in-depth commercial knowledge and experience, attention to detail, and an understanding of each customer’s unique requirements to develop tailored, structured solutions that can include:

  • Consistent supply of physical commodities

  • Transportation optimization

  • Blending & storage

  • Direct access to producers and consumers

We seek to identify commercial opportunities where geographical pricing differentials, unique specifications and in-depth industry knowledge can be exploited to develop the most economical solution for our customers – each customer’s needs are unique and each transaction is different.

Once a commercial opportunity is identified, we tenaciously pursue it from sourcing to delivery and post resolution of any disputes or concern.

Strong relationships with logistics providers – pipelines, ship owners, terminals, etc. – and a comprehensive understanding of the supply chain enable Ocean Solutions Energy to manage any or all parts of the logistics chain for each transaction as a means to mitigate risk for clients.

Additionally, Ocean Solutions Energy leverages its extensive relationships with private equity and institutional investors to source additional capital that enables our customers to accelerate growth.